Philippians – Index

Below are the links to the various posts commenting on a certain section of Philippians:

Introductory Material
Introduction & Greetings (1.1-2)
Rejoicing in Prayer to God (1.3-11)
Rejoicing in Proclamation of the Gospel (1.12-18a)
Rejoicing in the Prospect of Glorification (1.18b-26)
Rejoicing in Participation in the Spirit (1.27-2.11)
Rejoicing in Purity Before God (2.12-18)
Special Study – Joy in Philippians
Rejoicing in Partnership for the Gospel (2.19-30)
Rejoicing in Pursuit of Growth (3.1-16)
Special Study – Perfection & Righteousness
Rejoicing in the Prize of Glory (3.17-4.1)
Rejoicing in Peace from God (4.2-9)
Rejoicing in the Paradox (4.10-19)
Rejoicing in Parting with Grace (4.20-23)

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