Are you listening to me?

In our modern world, we may lose something in the tranlation concerning the significance of light. Unlike our world where we flip a switch and we have light, the people to whom Jesus understood that light was a very precious commodity. Especially if it were dark outside. There was oil involved, finding a flame, keeping the light going, etc. So when Jesus speaks about light or a lamp, the impact on the audience would have been great when he hammered his point home. However, the point is very relevant to us as well: we use things in appropriate ways. A lamp is used to light a place, just as a hammer would be used to drive or pry a nail. Fire is used for heat; air conditioning is used to keep us cool, etc.

However, how foolish to use these things in a wayother than their intended purpose. Why put a lamp under a bed? Why use a hammer to eat with? Why use fire to burn down a house? This just does not make sense. In the same way, how foolish for a person to use the ability to hear and heed not the warning. How dare us stop up our ears and so shut ourselves out from the blessings of God. But those who hear and listen will be given more. But those who refuse to listen (thereby having nothing), even what he seems to have will be taken from him. This is total loss.

The warning is very serious. For a Christian can hear but still not have what the Father offers. The Christian can lead his life thinking he has a servants position in the kingdom, or that he has a place at the king’s table, or that he is a son. But if the Christian has not really listened to the voice of God, even that which he seems to have (a servant position, a son’s position, a place at the table) will be taken from him. Hear the words of Jesus and take heed how you listen to the Word of God.

God is saying, “I know you hear me; but are you really listening to me?” Are you doing what he asks? Are you freeing yourself up so that God can have his time? Has God been emarginated, forced to take a back seat to everything else in your life? Jesus’ words should be sobering to us. If we truly want great blessing from God, we need to be listening to to his word, eagerly expecting to hear his message for us. Otherwise, we are in danger of losing everything we think we have.

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