A Woman’s Touch

I am so grateful for the gift God has blessed me with in ministry when he gave me a wife. Kim has been such a great help to me in my ministry; I can truly say I could not do it without her. She is a support and sounding board for ideas. She makes sure my shirts are ironed and cooks meals for me. She is quite the little lady.

Thus, it is not surprising to me that Jesus had certain women in his ministry who helped him. Jesus had no earthly wife (though we are the spiritual bride of Christ as his Church). However, his ministry did have a woman’s touch, as Luke 8.1-3. I am certain that in all his dealings with the opposite sex, Jesus was a gentleman and showed them great respect. Indeed, we find in his ministry several times when he showed women esteem, a trait men of his time did not have.

Why were there woman in Jesus’ ministry? Certainly the kingdom of heaven is for all mankind, male and female. They wanted a part in the kingdom for which they had longed for such a long time. But also, Luke tells us these women “were helping to support them (Jesus and the Twelve) out of their own means” (v.3). If Jesus needed food, shelter, etc., it was there for him.  Sort of like when a preacher has “his” room in a congregants house when he comes to visit or hold a meeting. These women were devoted to the success of Jesus’ mission and ministry and helped anyway they could.

Women should not think that just because they can’t serve on the Lord’s table or pray in public or preach the sermon that they are without purpose. A gentle spirit and an attitude of hospitality go a very long way. Through their hospitality and their support, women enable the men of God to fulfill their duty and mission. Indeed, women have a very important role.

3 thoughts on “A Woman’s Touch”

  1. Brownie Point total so far = 12

    You could have earned 32 more if you had compared Kim to an extremely godly woman like Priscilla. (not that Kim is not extremely godly…I think I just lost 5 points)

  2. Can’t serve on the Lord’s table? Can’t preach a sermon? Can’t pray in public? Well, isn’t it interesting in light of all the restrictions that were placed on women in the biblical days, for some strange reason, it was completely ok for Jesus and his apostles to accept financial support from them. Strange logic. Shame on them!

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