A New Ministry

Greetings from Peoria, AZ. For those of you who do not know, Kim and I have moved from Wichita, KS to bright and sunshiny AZ. Currently, we are living in a house in Buckeye waiting for our house to close escrow, which should take place in about a week and a half. Surely, my absence will be forgiven by you, O constant reader, inasmuch as Kim and I were packing and moving over 1000 miles. However, now that we have our feet on fairly solid ground, we can move forward with our studies on the life of Christ as recorded in the book of Luke. I just wanted to update you on my month long absence fromk the wide world of blogging. Stay tuned for more from this channel in the days to come.

One thought on “A New Ministry”

  1. Congrats my brother. You certainly are beginning your ministry with a great congregation, keep up the good work, say hi to my mom & dad when you get around to knowing everyone.
    In Christ,

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