The Continuous Commentary

For some time I have been entertaining the thought of writing my own commentary on a blog spot. Because of WordPress’s professional look and feel, I believe I will write my continuous commentary here. For those who feel inclined, you may post your comments; in fact, I charge you who read to correct any doctrine I have wrong or add any constructive and beneficial comments. As means to get me started, does anyone have any requests as to where I should start?

5 thoughts on “The Continuous Commentary”

  1. I’d like to see you start with the Gospel of Luke, for the purpose of discipleship; as it relates to you teaching others.

  2. My first thought was the book of Job. After reading Ozzy’s comment I would also
    agree with Luke or Mark for the same reason. Mark is shorter so you could slice
    through it quickly and see what impact it
    is having on others.

  3. Hey Nick,

    Why don’t you start with Scheme of Redemption? Or Christian evidence? Something to start with in reaching out to the needy people. What do you think? Hope you will have a good start with your commentary! Later.


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